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Malhotra Dental Care & Implant Centre

Plot No. A – 97,

(Opp. Community Centre)

Sector – 52,



PH: +91 – 120 – 4274449

Mob: +91 – 9910899522


We Gladly accept:








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One thought on “Contact Us

  1. Wallace says:

    Yeah, I have to get veneers too, just get the six you need that you can see when you smile, and wait for the other two. You can alayws get them on in sections, like two at a time, etc, for the more noticable ones. Unfortunately I dont think there is an insurance plan for that, I have looked. See if you can work something out with the dentist like the two at a time thing, or just getting the ones you really need first, thats what i’m doing. Good luck!References :

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