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Basic safety measures

All doctors wear gloves, masks and glasses when treating patients. After contact with each patient, the gloves are removed and discarded and are never reused for another patient. Gloves are removed or “overgloved” if the treatment of a patient is temporarily interrupted.

We wash our hands and then put on a new pair of gloves before treating another patient. Wherever disposable (single use) items can be used, they are. We use as many plastic covers as possible. All suction tips, saliva ejectors, water glasses, headrest covers and light handle covers are disposed of and replaced between patients.


Dental instruments are cleaned manually or through mechanical means like a thermal washer disinfector or an ultrasonic bath. Manual cleaning is done in a sink specifically reserved for this purpose and they should be cleaned with non-foaming detergent and a nylon brush. They are immersed in lukewarm water, scrubbed below the water’s surface and then rinsed.

Afterward cleaning through either manual or mechanical means, the dental instruments should be dried with a disposable cloth.

The dried items are packaged into medical grade sterilization wraps or sterilization cassettes to prepare them for sterilization.

The instruments are sterilized using a heat, steam, or chemical process. Heat is the usual method used in a dental setting.

The sterilized instruments are stored in their intact packaging in UV chamber to maintain their sterilization.

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